Friday, February 18, 2005

Project Timothy: Why couldn't we have done this years ago?!

Tonight we take the night bus home from Chiba. Maybe next week I will finally be able to process it all a little, but right now I feel pretty much like I felt when we took the first session last fall: "Why couldn't this have happened years ago?!"

Altogether it has been really good. We've done a lot of studying.

Laurie Studying Hard

We've also spent a lot of time just plain talking with friends, old and new. And that's been pretty valuable, too.

Valentine Dinner on Monday Night

Today I'm publishing John's Core Values assignment. Mine is still to come. (This is a PowerPoint Presentation so you will need a high speed connection and you need to click to turn the pages.)

Core Values


Luke Elliot said...

It's nice to see photos of other OMFers! Hopefully Yuko and I can join some of the OMF conferences next year.

Laurie Elliot said...

I would REALLY like it if Yuko could come to the JEMA Women's Spring Retreat (alias Women in Ministry Retreat) at Megumi Chalet in Karuizawa with me next year. :-)