Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Gracie's Guardian Angels

One of the stories that we OMFers talked about at the Retreat was this one:

Gracie’s Guardian Angels

(as told by her father)

Separated by 1000's of miles every time we farewell our children we must commit them to God's care. Grace, who has traveled across the world on her own far more times than most teens, was actually quite scared about using the British rail system on her own. When she set off for the Ayling Kids Family Christmas on January 28th, she had no inkling of the lesson in "grace"God was about to teach her.

The Christian Mountain Centre where she is working is in a remote coastal area in the "wilds" of Snowdonia, North Wales. However, the centre boasts its own unmanned station. (Just stick your hand out to stop a train and pay when you get on.) She had made the change at the junction in mid Wales without incident and arrived in Birmingham to change for Loughborough. Feeling thirsty she thought she'd buy a drink... No wallet!! What to do! No ticket, no money, no bank card!!! At THIS moment her cell phone rings. It's friends touring IN INDIA phoning from a street telephone. "How are you doing?" "Well... actually... " and amid tears and anguish her story tumbles out. "Hang on I'll call my Mum" assures her friend. Within a short time to the disbelief of the station master a ticket is transmitted to Grace. SO began her "2nd Christmas" weekend. Story not over. On the way back at the junction change in Wales the same conductor is on the train. "Did you lose a wallet on Friday?" "YES!!" "We'll get it to you on the train."

Can God be trusted with what is most precious to us? Yes He can.

I love this story... and I love Gracie's parents. Gareth and Ruth Ayling have been such an encouragement to us ever since they welcomed us to OMF's Language Center in Sapporo in the spring of 1979.

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Luke Elliot said...

Great story, mom, but the captions on the photo are too small to read.

Laurie Elliot said...

I changed it. Is this better? BTW, I think you have too much dust in the scanner or something. The photos you sent were both blurry.

JanJapanPotter said...

Hi Laurie,
I got the picture of Gracie, but couldn't find the story. I love the JLC picture. Wow that goes back ages. Weren't the kids cute then!!

Laurie Elliot said...

Hmmm... when I looked just now, the title was missing but the story was there...

Yes, the kids were cute, weren't they?!

Bresca said...

Just the opposite for me -- I can see the title but not the story.