Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Alimentary Adventures - Kaiten Zushi

Every year at Christmas I make a promise to my Ghent nephews and nieces. In Christmas of 2005 it was Kaiten Zushi - where the sushi plates go round and round and you pick your favorites off the line. At the end of the evening the waitress counts your plates and makes up the bill.

Unfortunately, I left for home assignment before we got to Naomi - or perhaps it was fortunate because Naomi didn't like sushi back then. But I finally paid up last week and I think Naomi actually enjoyed herself!

Naomi, Mary & John
(Notice the waitresses wanting in the photo!)

And for all Matthew's friends who have been reading about his alimentary adventures - this is the night he ate two plates of (raw) whale and a plate of sea squirt!

Matthew (center) eating sea squirt sushi


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

It certainly was a nice meal.

Redeemed said...

It's nice to see Matthew in his element - eating something wild! :)

Sawa said...

I wanted to go too. :(

Laurie Elliot said...

Poor Sawa Babe! I wish you had been there, too!

And yes, Montreal Sarah... we were also impressed with Matthew's adventurous spirit. We all hovered over him to see what would happen and he seemed to enjoy it - but I still didn't eat any whale or squirt!

(I'm glad you enjoyed it, Matthew!)