Friday, March 09, 2007

If I could be like Mildred Cable...

Her director once wrote: “I don’t suppose we have in the whole of CIM a more capable teacher of any subject than Miss Cable. She was recently offered a position at the Shanting University.

"The thoroughness with which she teaches the Scriptures to Dr. Kao’s young men is appalling!She makes them go through the whole Bible - no skipping - Minor Prophets, Revelation, everything. You should see their voluminous notebooks and the questions which Miss Cable sets them to puzzle out for themselves.

Mildred Cable

"It is remarkable that whereas so many of us common missionaries have been more or less satisfied with a superficial knowledge of the Bible in our Chinese Christians, here - right up in one of the remotest corners of China - you have a band of young men who are being grounded in the Word of God as very few others are in any part of the country.

"… Miss Cable asks you what book you are reading and if you aren’t reading anything she wants to know why you aren’t.”

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