Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Children Who Watch A Lot of Television...

One of the books I ordered came today - and I'm already hooked!

"My concern for the Church to reach out without "dumbing down" faith had its origins in Jane Healey's weighty book, Endangered Minds. A trainer of educators, Healey wondered why teachers kept asking if they were less capable or if kids were actually dumber than they had been in the past. Their questions led to her massive research, which uncovered several shocking facts - the most notable of which is that children who watch a lot of television actually have smaller brains (pp. 47-55, 195-234). Considering multiple factors in home and society, she cites overwhelming evidence to convince us that, indeed, many children in contemporary society actually are less intelligent and less capable of learning than their forebears."

- Marva Dawn, Reaching Out Without Dumbing Down

I wonder if anyone I know has read Jane Healey's book? I think that's the next one I'm ordering!

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