Saturday, May 19, 2007

Annual Trip to Kanagi

Hirosaki Cherry Blossoms are famous but we like Kanagi! So the annual Ajigasawa Church Cherry Blossom Expedition usually ends up in Kanagi.

Mary enjoying the blossoms

Ayaka and Shion (sisters)

Mary took lots of PHOTOS again - but she ran out of steam just before we headed over to the church for lunch. We always end at Kanagi Church just across from the park where we have lunch and then sing together. (Before we part we often wander over to Mr. Sakuraba's Art Gallery - this year he was featuring a photographer from Ajigasawa!)


Anonymous said...

Dear All,

Aomori Asahi Broadcasting's bimonthly program "Project Gottsuri," will be covering the Christian festival happening in Shingo-mura on June 10th (SUN), and they are looking for two foreigners (male and female) who are Christian or interested in Christianity to be on the show. So if the above describes you, and you are confident in your Japanese-speaking ability, please contact me ASAP! Thank you!

Have a great day! ^ o ^

Anonymous said...

...from the Aomori JET listserve.

Laurie Elliot said...

Well, I'm a foreigner and a Christian - and I'm even reasonably confident of my Japanese speaking ability, but, unfortunately, even if it weren't on a Sunday (my busiest day of the week!) I'd rather not appear on t.v. ...

Perhaps one of my readers? ? ?