Thursday, May 03, 2007

What's Hanami?

In Japan, Cherry Blossom Viewing is a national past time.

In Aomori Prefecture the cherry blossom trees usually blossom during the Golden Week vacation so it seems that a great deal of the nation is free to come flooding into the prefecture, usually heading for Hirosaki Park with its picturesque castle tower.

What is Hanami 「花見」 ? Well, its....





Since everyone is taking photos of everything... we simply couldn't resist this line-up of ladies having their photo taken.

A picnic under the trees

The open spaces are filled with ground sheets where parties gather to eat boxed lunches or to enjoy a Japanese style barbecue. I favor a picnic under the trees - preferably in a secluded corner like this!

Stalls (Can you find Renee?)

Renee, on the other hand, likes eating at the stalls. Her favorites are: sweet potato sticks, deep fried cheese wonton, and apple ice cream sherbet.

In Hirosaki Park - its the Castle remains

This year we didn't take one of those traditional "We were here!" group photos on the bridge beneath the castle remains. But Mary did try to capture the reflection in the moat.

" God... richly provides us with everything [including cherry blossoms!] for our enjoyment." 1 Timothy 6:17

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