Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Character building

I've been thinking a lot about integrity lately... So today when I opened the book I'm reading, this really caught my attention!

All this means that the Sabbath rhythm leads to an ethics of BECOMING (how our character is being developed) and not of DOING (how we react in specific situations.) ...

Sabbath keeping changes our character. We will be irrevocably transformed by the commitment to a special day set aside for our relationship with God, and that transformation will result in thinking and attitudes and emotions and behavior consistent with the character of God who is the focus of our Sabbath keeping.
Resting provides the necessary time for the Spirit's molding of our characters.

- from Marva Dawn's 'Keeping the Sabbath Wholly". Pages 95, 96.
We need time for reflection in our lives. It seems more and more that evangelical churches can be so much hustle and bustle... perhaps there is a need for a little less action and a little more quiet.

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