Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Out of the Attic

The other day when Anna was back to visit with little Erin we went exploring in the attic looking for baby clothes left over from my babies and while I was up there I brought down the remnants of Anna's life in Ajigasawa. (I'm trying to convince my married children that they should finish moving out of the house - of course I still have a box in my Aunt's attic!)

In with a box of Anna's books was the "Creed of Goldia"... what memories that brought back!

Creed of Goldia

There was a map, and a club with minutes - Anna was the Scribe and exercised great creativity (and sometimes revenge on the Chairman!) Even when she went off to university, Sarah was still reading those minutes - fascinating reading it was! - to anyone who would listen to her. Oh, the hours they spent with their LAMMS Club and the Kingdom of Goldia!

Kids have time when there's no tv!

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