Wednesday, October 24, 2007

That (Delightful) Turn of Phrase

A few weeks ago one of the film editors at Christianity Today made another one of his inflammatory remarks:

" 'The Jane Austen Book Club' is just the latest in a recent string of films focusing on arguably the most popular chick-lit author of all time. "

I'm afraid I often see red when reading Mr. Morina's remarks on "chick flicks" - that word alone makes me feel somewhat apoplectic - and his summary dismissal of Jane Austen as "chick-lit" really annoys me. I consider a man who can't enjoy Jane Austen's characterizations and turn of phrase to be a man with a narrow mind and a limited vocabulary!

My younger daughters and I do indeed appreciate Jane Austen, but I think it is the men of the family who are really tickled by her wit. We were reading Jane Austen again last night and my husband had to pause for a good long chuckle over this turn of phrase - "He wished him to be a model of constancy; and fancied the best means of effecting it would be by not trying him too long."

I don't think my nephew has read Jane Austen yet and if the Mr. Morinas of this world get to him first, he won't. But what a pity! He'd enjoy it immensely because he loves words and wit.

My nephew, Micah, on graduation from High School

Photos by 岩川写真館 in Goshogawa

I think Iwakawa is the best studio in Aomori!

Disclaimer: We may be Jane Austen fans but I haven't much interest the "The Jane Austen Club" film. What we like about Austen is that sharp 18th century wit!


NB said...

"True" readers usually say at least one of these phrases:

"Book clubs are for people interested in self-help."

"The book was better than the movie."

Laurie Elliot said...

You know what, Nick? We make that second comment ALL THE TIME!

You should have heard Sarah- Daughter #4 - on the way home from the Late Show the night "Pride and Prejudice" opened in theaters here! And now that I think of it, she might have had even more to say along that line when we went to the advanced showing for Narnia.

Faith and Stan said...

Bethany was a background actress in the Jane Austin Book Club. I may wait until it comes out in video and look for her in a few scenes! (Her car was filmed as well.)


Laurie Elliot said...

Looks like maybe I'll have to watch the movie afterall! :-)