Thursday, November 08, 2007

Chrysanthemum Festival - Again

Last Monday, on the last day of the Chrysanthemum Festival, we made another foray into Hirosaki Park ... and missed the Chrysanthemums again! I'm afraid I didn't cry. The park was too beautiful - and, while chrysanthemums are also very beautiful, I rather prefer them "au naturel" as opposed to tied to mannequins.

We met at the "A to Z Dog"

Why is this dog called the "A to Z Dog"? And why is it there anyway?!

Later that evening I realized I didn't have my phone anymore. I assumed it must be here at the dog and thought I just couldn't find it because of the dark. Unfortunately, it was actually in the grass at the side of the parking lot where we eventually left our cars before venturing into the Park!

We meandered through the park...

...enjoying the colors...

...the castle...

...the moat...

... and the falling leaves.

I wanted to "taste" the local goods.

Actually, what I really like is talking to the tradesmen/women about anything and everything. But by the time we got in it was pretty empty. Still, we chatted... and dawdled... and got to the inner sanctuary just as it closed for the season!


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Anonymous said...

Hi, I found this blog looking for things related to KGK. I spent last year in Sendai, and though I could never speak Japanese well, I was kind of adopted by the KGK Bible study group there. I recognize your face from group photos of KGK events that they went to now and then. Because of the language barrier, I was never able to express to Narumi, or to the Tohoku KGK students how greatful I was to them. They really... communicated God's grace and love in a practical way. I guess when you can't talk to someone, that only leaves deeds, but they had plenty.

Also, looking through your blog it seems you have had a good marriage for a long time. You give tidbits of advice here and there, and so I've been rooting through the archives looking for it. Not everyone plugs their ears to this sort of thing. Some of us are really trying to figure out how to do the right and wise thing. I hope you keep posting on that sort of thing. Though in my case I am a young man, not a young woman. Maybe I should check your husband's page.

Anyway, thanks for your involvement in KGK, whatever it is. The students and leaders really blessed me.