Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Here are the rest of the photos from Sarah's early birthday party... (someone else took them.)

Turkey Dinner - Sarah really wanted to be here for Thanksgiving

Sarah, Mel, Mary, Karl, me, John, Kris

Sisters together!

Sarah with her "Little Boy" Tuktankhamen, and Mary

Mary, Kris and Mel

Karl with Intrepid (we have 4 cats)

Everyone played Cranium with Sarah...

Except for us - Mel and I stayed in the kitchen and washed dishes!

Until dessert!

Sarah usually makes her own (chiffon) birthday cake. But this year she had a paper due so we decorated a box of ice cream - Sarah's other favorite "cake".

And now my "baby" is of age - Sarah turned 21 on November 22nd. Ever weird... I don't feel old at all! I think I shall still be young when I am 92.

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Sawa said...

Thank you every one for the lovely birthday!