Thursday, December 20, 2007

Must Flee TV

A friend of ours sent this link to Cal Thomas' column entitled "Must Flee TV". I don't know who Cal Thomas is... but I echo his sentiments!

Television was once viewed as a welcome guest in the home. Programmers were to behave as any guest, not soiling the carpet or breaking furniture, controlling their children and demonstrating sensibilities that would not offend their hosts. No more. Today's television programs behave like uninvited guests who stay too long, eat all the food, drink too much and throw up on the new rug.

Most people could live without TV if they tried. The Writers Guild strike gives them that chance. Take a walk with your daughter. Have a conversation with your wife, your husband. Eat dinner together as a family without the distraction of the television set. Read a book and immerse yourself in fictional characters or real history. Instead of being spoon-fed irrelevancies and meaningless chatter, exercise your mind. You will quickly form new, more pleasant habits that will leave you with better feelings than does TV's corrupt fare from which more of us should flee.


Anonymous said...

And a cat lover as well, if we can believe what we see. Anne Trepanier

Laurie Elliot said...

All the more reason to believe the man! :-)