Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve we continued the tradition of 手巻き寿司 but the "at midnight" part of the tradition was modified a bit for the younger Elliot family. This year we had our sushi BEFORE the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service!

Watanbe Family, Luke Elliot Family, G, Kris, Mary with Erin W.

and Mel (in front)

Anna, Jun, (me looking very tired), Yuko, Luke and Grace

Erin was very popular! (Especially with Aunt Mary!)

Enjoying the feast!
Mary and the Watanabes put it all together - I think Jun was the moving force behind it this year. (Yuko retired with morning sickness.) It was nice to have Anna's family with us - its the first time Jun has been able to come since he joined the police force the year before they were married.

And then after everyone went home we opened our presents!

But Advent Candles first!

Grace was an active participant this year!

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