Monday, January 14, 2008

The cousins

Daughter # 1 is still sending me photos and while this one is NOT a very brilliant photo of the uncles... I did promise Daughter #2 lots of photos of her nieces.

Unfortunately, I don't take a lot of photos of anyone. Mary takes a lot of photos of the cats - A LOT of photos of the cats. (If anyone wants a large collection, I have one for you!) And I take photos of Mount Iwaki, and of parties - usually after they're over! Sigh.

Luke & Grace Elliot with Jun & Erin Watanabe

We did have an official photographer for the English Camp who was very enamoured with Grace. So, Leta, if I ever get around to organizing the camp photos...

In the meantime here are some more cousin photos for anyone who's a sucker for photos.

Anna brings Erin to meet the Ghent cousins

Grace enjoys Christmas with the Ghent cousins


leta said...

Thanks for posting photos Mom :)

Laurie Elliot said...

More to come!

And I miss you, Leta! I wish you were in the photos!