Friday, January 18, 2008

ENJOY the unexpected changes!

When my classes at Hirosaki University were canceled today - our building was closed for inspection - I thought it would be a good opportunity for a party introducing G to some of my Korean classmates. (The young man living with us just now studies Korean and wanted to practice.) But it didn't work out the way I thought.

In the end, only one student came. And she's not Korean!

Mary's "Tea Party" on Monday was a little like that.

The guests waiting for their hostess (and playing crokinole)

When Mary said she wanted to have her cousin Aaron over to thank him for the pink glass tea things he gave her for Christmas I suggested asking Aaron to come over after a run or two on the ski hill. (He sometimes goes snowboarding on Mondays.) And I was definitely thinking of inviting some of the many young people around us.

But when her Aunt answered the phone the party took on another shape. It became a Ghent-Elliot party... and was plenty of fun I might add.

Aaron, G, Mary (our hostess), Bethany, Aunt Mae, Naomi

You can't really see the pink glass in the photos, but it was pleasant eating ginger cookies and crackers off the pink dishes while we drank the flavored tea that Micah (now gone back to to school) gave us for Christmas.

I like to be spontaneous when I make the changes, but sometimes I'm not really very good at rolling with the punches when others make the changes! But really, the the apostle Paul was right when he said "all things work together for good for them that love the Lord" and its best to just ENJOY the unexpected changes to our cherished plans.

(Why do I get so quickly attached to my ideas and plans anyway?!)


Jan said...

Just caught up on your blog (since New Years) and love to see you surrounded by your growing family.
It seems to me you are an avid collector of teenagers and every time one grows up you find another one to nurture. How blessed are these young people who will have you in their hearts forever.

Laurie Elliot said...

Well, I won't deny I'm blessed! And I hope they keep me in their hearts. :-)

Aaron said...

That was a nice Tea Party. Thanks for inviting us.


Laurie Elliot said...

Any time, Aaron, any time! We love company and we love you! (We also like "tea parties". He he.)