Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Saying Good bye

I loved this picture. It was on a calendar someone gave me when we lived in Aomori City and we left Aomori City in March of 1984! My husband "framed" it for me while we lived there. That's 24 years ago now... no wonder I considered it part of my ethos.

After it got so faded and frayed (or maybe just because the new fridge was too tall!) I managed to retire it to the pantry but today I finally faced reality - I'll never hang it up again! - and I burned it in the woodstove.

I know a lot of people who can't seem to give up their old shoes, shirts, etc. But what's really sad in life is when people in general, and Christians in particular can't seem seem to give up their old lives and the old way of looking at things.

My husband contends that much of our generation got emotionally stuck in High School. I'm afraid its not just our generation...

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David in TO said...

Many of my cohorts are definitely emotionally stuck in high school.