Thursday, January 15, 2009

Times have changed! (And I'm glad!)

Today heading toward Hirosaki on # 31 I saw an old woman dropping her drawers (in the middle of blizzard!) by the side of the road. I haven't seen that in a L O N G time.

When I first came to Japan in 1979 it really puzzled me that people were so very particular about covering the grass in the park before they sat on it - until we learned that when our predecessors had arrived in Japan it wasn't always doggy-do one stepped on in the park!

Of course, that's unthinkable now! When my daughter walks her dog in the park she has to carry a bag and shovel... and I seldom remember the "old days" - days I'm perfectly happy to let pass forever.

But the snow was L O V E L Y and I didn't mind that I was 15 minutes late for class.

My niece took this photo and its not actually # 31

But its a pretty view as well!

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