Saturday, February 14, 2009

Breaking the rule

I never watch tv. When my husband and I married - for philosophical and educational reasons - we chose not to have a tv. This is a topic on which I could write at length. But not today.

It's the university spring vacation and, frustrated with my lack of progress in Chinese, I actually fell prey to that old saw about tv improving language. Furthermore, I've actually broken my own rule and have been watching Chinese tv dramas online.

Its funny, one of the reasons I don't watch tv is because I don't believe the media encourages independent thought. But somehow my thoughts will always run their own course! The drama I've been watching the last few days ( 刁蛮公主 / Diao Man Gong Zhu ) is comedy full of kung fu and political intrigue. But its also about power vs justice and fearlessness... and its making me think of things far away from Chinese courts.

Power in the church... that's a funny thing to think about here in my little corner of Japan. But I've been thinking about it for several weeks now... at the same time as I've been listening to (the OM short list) Romans 12, Galations 5, Ephesians 5, Philippians 2, 4, Colossians 3, Hebrews 12, 2 Timothy 2 and trying to memorize 1 Corinthians 13 in four languages. Its an instructive exercise. And believe me, I'm thinking hard.

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