Sunday, February 01, 2009

Over and over....

It's still test season at the University... and I'm still thinking about life's "tests".

Last Friday the young man who sits in front of me asked for help with his English homework and confessed it was his second time taking the course. A goodly portion of my Chinese class last semester repeated the course this semester. (Even though I, with my huge Kanji handicap, passed! Sometimes its a matter of plain hard work.) A young lady near and dear to me is taking the same computer course for the third time!

I don't think any of them chose to repeat but the curriculum requires it.

When we fail a lesson, God does let us go sometimes. But perhaps some lessons are just too important ... it finally occurred to me a few years ago that if I found myself in the same hard circumstances over and over, I might want to ask myself what the lesson was and apply myself to learning it. If its part of God's core curriculum for me, I might just find myself taking the same test - ready or not - year after year!

Winter walk... Mt. Iwaki from the rice fields

Unlike us, God has all the time in the world... when we're feeling recalcitrant it behooves us to remember he can outwait us every time.

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