Wednesday, March 18, 2009

KGK Spring Camp

Last week I spent 4 days in Iwate with over 60 university students from all over the Tohoku at the Kirisutosha Gakusei Kai (KGK) Spring Camp. And as usual I took almost no photos. But I did get this one of the graduating students.

The banner reads "Do you love me?" (Jesus question to Peter after the resurrection.) " What does it mean to love God?"

I like that last question, "What does it mean to love God?" Perhaps we should reflect on that one more often!


Hansjurg said...

Hi Laurie
did the rebuild the building or was the KGK camp some where else? It doesn't look as I remember...
be blessed

Laurie (and John) Elliot said...

No, this isn't the place you remember! This year we were in Morioka.