Thursday, May 07, 2009

I'll come running

Grand daughter Grace and I like to read books together and lately she particularly likes "My Book of the Seasons" because I always 'sing' that phrase "winter, spring, summer or fall". After 20 years I'd rather personalized the tune and totally forgotten what the song was. (Because I never really did the popular music thing, my repertoire of oldies is rather small.) So Grace and I went you-tubing.

You just call out my name and you know wherever I am
Ill come running to see you again.
Oh babe, don't you know that,
Winter spring summer or fall,
Hey now, all you've got to do is call.
I'll be there, yes I will. You've got a friend.

Yes, I'd like to be there like that for the people I love... But there are miles involved and obligations. If I drop everything for this person, I end up cheating that person.

I thought about it for a couple of days and you know what? In the end, this "friend" has got to be God. He's the only one that's always going to be there for us.

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