Sunday, May 10, 2009

Worth it!

My daughter-in-law traveled three hours down to Aomori for the Sanbi Camp today - and that was just 2 days after recovering from a cold! But she wasn't the only young mother who thought it was worth it to bring their babies/toddlers to camp even though their husbands couldn't get off work. I counted 3 others.

Enjoying each other!

It reminded me of my own childhood and how I loved the Sunday night meetings at Eastford Baptist Church when we had "requests" and testimonies and even a little girl could choose a hymn!

And when Daughter #3 talked about following along before she could read by watching lips and thereby inadvertantly memorizing the hymns which then came back to guide and comfort her when she was in college... it sounded like history repeating itself.

Should you take your children to church even if there's no kid's program? Yes, yes, YES!

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