Friday, May 08, 2009

Y'all Come Back Now!

As I mentioned, I wish I could go running when people call. I wish I could go to everyone's wedding, I wish I could see people in their natural habitat. I'd even like to go visit "just because"... Unfortunately, most of the time, my life has certain geographical and monetary restrictions (and responsibilities!) that prevent my going anywhere very far.

But I love it when people come back! We had a number of visitors over Golden Week - some first timers and some "returnees".

Aaron with the Aomori Elliots

It was so good to see this young man again. Although we've been keeping in touch, I think the last time we actually saw him might have been in 2003, when he made a follow up visit after his STM stint in 2002. (He wasn't actually with us in 2002 - he just wandered over here a lot because of a mutual interest in Ghibley films and students.)

Summer 2003 around our international table

Summer 2002

It's always so good to see people again! So all you OMF alumni and other various visitors... y'all come back now!

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