Sunday, June 14, 2009

Some One Should Have Told Me... I'm Telling You

In Ajigasawa Church we have a mission story before the sermon every Sunday. Hymnwriters, famous Japanese Christians, missionaries from Japan, missionaries to Japan... lately we've been talking about Ernst Vatter of the Liebenzell Mission.

Today is probably wrapup for Mr. Vatter and I think I'm going to re-iterate the advice his mentor gave him at the beginning of his Christian life:

"There are two things I want you to know," Willie began. "They are so important I will repeat them many times.
First, if you are going to be a Christian, then be a wholehearted one - committed 100 per cent. Otherwise, don't do it. just drop it. Decide now to pay any price necessary to follow Jesus Christ. Hold nothing back. God will lead your life."

"Second, whatever crosses your life's path will always be something that the Lord has either caused or allowed in order to fulfill His purpose for you. Remember that as long as you live."
EVERY trial. EVERY test.

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