Saturday, August 01, 2009


Mr. Muraguchi (front left) and Mrs. Muraguchi (to my right)

Life is moving on so swiftly! I think the camp season is every bit as busy as Christmas for us Elliots.

But I have something more I want to say before closing the page on son Luke's Shimokita sojourn. In Japan there is a common greeting - お世話になりました - which is one of the many ways of saying "Thank you, you've been a big help." Of course you say it to people who have helped you personally, but its also frequently said to people who have been assistance to one's family members.

Mr. and Mrs. Yotaro Muraguchi figured in a lot of entries on Luke's blog (Here is the gateway to 3 early entries.) However, the Muraguchis figured even larger in their every day lives. So now, before they recede into the past, I'd like to go on public record as saying "O sewa ni narimashita" to Yotaro and Setsuko Muraguchi and their extended family for all they did for my family over the years.


And if you're ever passing through Shimokita Hanto be sure to stop at Waido no Ki . Tell them that I sent you.

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