Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Paul's "Method" for Sanctication Illustrated

Elliot Children - Growing Up

Here is the illustration in the form of three questions:

First, can an adult become a child again? Clearly the answer is no. No one can reverse the aging process.

Second, can an adult act childish? We know the answer to that, because we see it often. Of course, adults often act like children.

But now, here is the third critical question. What do you say to an adult who is acting childish? Women know the answer to that question because they say it to men all the time. They say, "For heaven's sake, just grow up!" That is exactly what Paul is saying to believers. "You are Christians now [if you really are]. You can not go back to being what you were before. You cannot go back to being 'unsaved.' So for heaven's sake, grow up and start acting like Christians."

- from James Montgomery Boice's "Whatever Happened to the Gospel of Grace?"

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