Friday, December 11, 2009

Bringing back the memories!

We always enjoy the Christmas packages from young people who have visited through out the year - especially when they send photos that recall our time with them. The lovely author of these photos doesn't appear - except as a mirage on the tea pot! But the photos sure bring back memories of the special day she shared with us.

January pleasures - annual Elliot - Ghent tea party
I think the tea party was one of those things that Sarah did once and it turned into a tradition. If the Ghent boys come home we "have to" have a tea party! (Or so my daughters tell me.)
Always lots of fun making memories at the Elliot house! (Even if we are a little odd.)


SarahMae said...

Congratulations grandma! Glad to hear about Kye. Is it true that Luke and Yuko are expecting?

Leaving January 11 - exactly 1 month from now ... so much to do!! (Pray that I can get it all done -- actually I know I can't, but that's alright.) And then all the goodbyes ... which I hate... (but a lot of good things to look forward to, too.) Can you belive it, I'm actually looking forward to going to language school, thanks to Rosetta Stone. Why do I always dread things before I do them, anyway? They never end up being half so bad as I expect them to be.

Laurie (and John) Elliot said...

It sure is! They're expecting in May - I think. Maybe June.

I'm glad you're looking forward to language school. I wish I'd approached Language School the way I'm doing Chinese now. I'd have been a lot less stressed - and would probably know a whole lot more Japanese!

BTW, I'm still hoping you'll write to me about how the Lord led you to make this trip. I don't know what you call it... we used to call it a "testimony." Whatever you call it, I'd like to hear it!

SarahMae said...

Will try to write soon! You'll get a picture and letter in the mail but that's not my full 'testimony' so... I'll try... tho I seem to be busier and busier.

How did you approach language study last time compared to this one? Is there some trick I should know about? ;)

Anonymous said...

Last time she had a two year old and a baby; was in total culture shock and was worried sick about family problems back in America. (She also had her third baby in her second year.)

By the way, Mum, I think the tea party tradition was started by me, the year I was given the pink glass and, therefor, relatively recent.