Friday, April 16, 2010

I love Sundays!

I love Sundays. I think I have always loved Sundays except for one brief period when we first came to Japan and I was too culture shocked to love anything!

And what I love best of all about Sundays are old-fashioned Sunday night church services with their informality and camaraderie. The Sunday night service at Hirosaki Fukuin Church may lack polish and it probably feels a little lame to first timers from big and wonderful modern churches... but I'd rather be here!

Hirosaki Fukuin Church (just below Hirosaki University)

I really appreciate my husband's sermons. He usually speaks - in English - at the 5:30 pm Service. However, this week there's a guest speaker (also good) from Nebraska, and a Japanese translation.(So go ahead and bring your non-English speaking friends.) There's a supper after the service (every Sunday) for anyone who can stay.


Nick said...

who's the guest speaker?

Laurie (and John) Elliot said...

One of my cousins, Kimberly, came on a short term years ago with her husband, Scott Stober. They decided to come again this year and to bring their three kids this time.

Kim and Scott met through Inter Varsity when they were in University and Scott is really cool. He works as an architect but he knows his Bible and when we heard that he preached at a chapel (in New Otani Hotel)in Tokyo we asked him to preach at the English Fellowship tomorrow night.

Harry Engstrom said...

I love the old Sunday Night Service as well. Going tomorrow at our church. All the best blessings John and Laurie.