Monday, September 27, 2010

Back on the job

I returned from 3 weeks in Hong Kong full of ideas - but they’ve all gone out the window! At least for the moment. Its a little crazy around here. My husband is in high gear with renovations, budgets ...all to be finished in time for a mad dash to Canada in mid-October. Meanwhile Daughter # 4 has turned the house upside down fall cleaning. She’s also organizing Daughter # 3's wedding.

Maybe my ideas will come back to me. I hope so. But at the moment my life is VERY busy. And I’m back on the job.

2010 KGK Fall Retreat


sarahmae said...

you all look so... cold...with all those sweaters n fleeces. I think i've very happily forgotten what winter is like!!

Tim and Susan said...

Hope you get re-inspired later on. In the picture you are all in must have been chilly.