Thursday, November 11, 2010

Safety in Family

I could just leave the summer behind without comment but somehow I’m reluctant to do that. And yet it turns out I’m still not ready to speak either.

So I’ll post a photo from the summer and talk about today.

The Trepal Family (or some of it) July 2010

Daughter # 3 is getting married this month and I’m making her dress. And we hope – perhaps vainly – to take a home assignment January – March. So this semester I’m only taking one class at the university: Japanese Women’s Literature. Today we watched a movie about a darker side of Japanese culture in the early 1900’s and I had enough to say in the subsequent discussion that one of my classmates (a young man from China) cornered me after class, “I don’t understand... “ I don’t either. But I do know that whether its North America, Japan or anywhere at all there’s nothing like a strong family connection to keep a young man or woman from all kinds of trouble.

My New York slum born Grandfather knew that.


Anonymous said...

Guess it pays to check A Lauries blog every once and a while... I'd never seen that picture of the trepal reunion. I didn't even realize they had one this year. Nice to 'see' everyone again

Anonymous said...

that was me, Sarah Mae...