Monday, December 20, 2010

Comfort Zones

The problems I’ve been experiencing with my right hand since the summer reminds me that foolishly ignoring signals of discomfort and pushing on with an uncomfortable activity may lead to sad (and chronic) consequences.

Yet, paradoxically, it’s sometimes good to explore the edges of our comfort zone and push the edges out a little.

We have some good reasons for not accepting teams and this week I remembered what they were. However, I was also glad that we laid those reasons aside this time - for other good reasons.

This week the team from Galilee Bible Presbyterian Church in Singapore enriched our lives and blessed us in many ways. I hope we also blessed them!

The team from Galilean Bible-Presbyterian Church

I hope to see these people again!


Sarah Mae said...

I'm still trying to learn how to walk that fine line between stretching myself in healthy ways and yet not overdoing it. Daddy was usually good at pushing us children beyond what we thought we could handle, and I'm glad he did, but with my health I find I do have certain limitations (that I'd often prefer to ignore.) I'm learning that I really cant overide some of those... guess better to learn now then when I'm old. :)

Willardsdaughter said...

Would wearing braces help any? I'm supposed to wear mine at night (carpal tunnel) and haven't for months, and my hands have been hurting a bit lately, so I finally wore them last night, slept great (I think I became a bit habituated to them) and my hands were fantastic all day, in fact I wouldn't have even thought twice about them had I not read your post . . . Just fwiw . . .

Merry Christmas!!