Saturday, September 03, 2011

Why I want an un-cool church

I want a church that includes fussy kids, old liturgy, bad sound, weird congregants, and… brace yourself… painfully amateur “special music” now and then.


Well, for one thing, when the gospel story is accompanied by a fog machine and light show, I always get this creeped-out feeling like someone’s trying to sell me something. It’s as though we’re all compensating for the fact that Christianity’s not good enough to stand on its own so we’re adding snacks.

I’m not sure how this blog caught my attention. I’ve never never heard of Rachel Held Evans. Maybe it was the title – “Blessed are the un-cool”. It certainly wasn’t the first paragraph because I’d never heard of “Mumford and Sons” either!

But for some reason I started reading – and I was hooked by the second paragraph! (Quoted above.)

You might want to read the whole thing: Blessed are the un-cool

I like her final paragraph: We’re all un-cool. We’re all in need of a Savior. So let’s cut the crap, pull the plug, and have us some distracting church services… the kind where Jesus would fit right in.

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Anonymous said...

I loved your comments on the "uncool church". I wanna go there! Thanks for posting it.
Kathy K.