Wednesday, March 14, 2012

# 17 OMF Prayer Meetings


Tonight we attended the monthly OMF prayer meeting on Avenue Road. What a flood of memories as I walked in with the son I had carried there in my arms so many years ago. This time he carried his own son in his arms!

But what warmed my heart the most was the greeting, “Have you got a car? We’ve been praying for a car.” 

We don’t have a car yet. And to be truthful I’ve been really discouraged. Our son, his wife and four children have no car just now – and believe me, anyone trying to do deputation in Canada needs a car. In fact, anyone with with four children needs a car!  But how can I pray for a 6 seater for them AND a seven seater (our oldest daughter is coming from Japan with her family) for us ?!  How can I pray for something this big?!  But our senior colleagues cheerful greetings reminded me:

Ebenezer…     "Thus far the LORD has helped us."

Jehovah Jireh…  “The LORD will provide.”

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