Sunday, April 29, 2012

We are able–Part 2

A number of years ago, while were attending an evening meeting in a little church somewhere north of Toronto, we stumbled across Kittie Suffield’s hymn, “Little Is Much When God In It”.

Since this was pre-Cyber Hymnal, it was with considerable difficulty that we tracked it down again. But it was worth the trouble! We have sung it many, many times since then.

Last month, while entertaining my grand children, I spent a lot of time on Cyber Hymnal. That’s when I discovered Kittie Suffield’s other hymns (as documented in Lenten Blessings:  # 13 Cyber Hymnal .) Her little known hymn, We Are Well Able, struck a chord with me.


Elliot Family Sr. & Jr – April 2012

Although son Luke & family are slated for the July OMF Orientation course in Singapore, their support is not yet the requisite 90 percent, and Luke’s wife was feeling low. “Sometimes I feel like we’ll never get back to Japan!”

I wasn’t feeling low per se, but I felt I could certainly identify with Caleb and Joshua!

So in March  the grand children and I frequently entertained ourselves with rousing renditions of ‘We Are Well Able,” waxing  extra  rowdy on the chorus:

We are able to go up and take the country,
And possess the land from Jordan to the sea;
And, though giants tall be there our way to hinder,
God will surely give the victory.

This why the new logo for our prayer letters  reads,  “WE ARE ABLE,” flanked by Ebenezer ( "Thus far the LORD has helped us." 1Samuel 7:12) and Jehovah Jireh (“The LORD Will Provide” Genesis 22:14.)

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