Saturday, December 08, 2012

Saved by Him who was born

The virgin birth has never been a problem to me. Somehow I always figured that the God who created the universe could hardly have a problem creating a little baby! In fact, it always seemed to me to be much the same sort of thing.

But there are those – even near and dear to me - who have doubted. For them I share this word from Thursday’s Advent meditation.

Virgin birth? Yes, we must be willing to let God be God, if that’s the way he came…

What if you do not believe in the virgin birth, or what if you commute between belief and doubt? Be of good cheer. No one was ever saved by the virgin birth of Jesus. You are saved by him was born. Take your stand with Peter and Paul, who at their conversion had never heard of the virgin birth. They were wondrously saved.

- McCabe

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