Wednesday, April 20, 2016

God My Maker, who gives songs in the night

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My husband and I are trying to sing through the psalter – the whole psalter and not just our favorite songs.

A few nights ago I was really struck by 79b  probably because the first verse ends, “Come quickly meet us in our need, We are brought low.” And that was the prayer of my heart that night.

1. O charge us not with former sins,

But Your compassion show,

Come quickly, meet us in our need;

We are brought low.


2. O God of our salvation, help!

To Your name glory take!

Deliver us; forgive our sins

For Your name’s sake.


3. Do nations say, “Where is their God?”

Let nations know instead

Your vengeance for Your servants’ blood

Which has been shed.


4. O let the prisoner’s sighing groans

Ascend to You on high;

Preserve them by Your mighty arm

Those doomed to die.


5. And back upon our neighbors turn

In sevenfold reward,

Reproachful words which they have cast

On You, O Lord.


6. So we Your people, Your own flock

Forever thank Your name;

We will to generations all

Your praise proclaim.    (Sung to FAIR HAVEN)

So grateful for a God who delivers us.

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