Friday, December 02, 2016

Fire and Water


This morning we sang again.

I always feel a bit chary of singing in a corner somewhere when there’s company and we’ve had company for several weeks now.

Well, not precisely company. Our two grandsons, our son-in-law and his company – a very helpful Frenchman.

But this afternoon my husband and I had a couple of hours alone and so we sang a few Psalms before we read together.

I love verse three of 66C:

Bless God, O peoples, sound His praise;

He who appoints our soul to live,

And keeps our feet from slipping.

As silver, God, You tested us,

Delivered us into a net,

Oppressed us with a burden.

Men rode o’er us;

We have gone through fire and water

By Your doing.

Yet you brought us out to freedom.

Its the title song on the first album I ever purchased from Crown and Covenant,“Through Fire and Water: Songs of Deliverance.”

So theoretically I could have learned it off the album. But that’s never worked for me – I have to see the notes!

Which is why from the moment I started thinking about Topic # 18 “Tools or Appliances” from the Beauty in EVERYday 30 Day Challenge that I’ve been (slowly!) working through, I immediately thought of the Psalms for Worship app on my tablet.

We have learned so many really beautiful songs using this tool – songs that have strengthened and enriched our lives.

Songs that brought to life the Psalms that helped us through the fire and water.

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