Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Goodbye Season

Narinari's Graduation-Goodbye Party (2007)

It's the goodbye season... or at least the goodbye season for students. Last Saturday was the KGK (ICVF) Graduation - Goodbye Party.

Mary's Graduation-Welcome Home Party (2006)

(Narinari 2nd from right)

Last year we welcomed Mary home from Hakodate. This year Narinari returns to Hakodate and I am going to miss him!

Sakae's Graduation-Goodbye Party 2003

(Narinari on right)

I've watched him grow from a rather shy and awkward first year student into a Christian leader. He is the first young person I saw saved through KGK and I have always thought of him as one of "my boys". But I was a bit surprised - and pleased! - this Christmas when I first noticed him refer to me as his 信仰の母 (mother in the faith).

Even though I feel so strongly that this work with young people is my true calling, I am occasionally beset by doubts. I sometimes wonder whether what I do really make any difference at all, so it was tremendously encouraging at this good bye party to hear him explain why he calls me 信仰の母. (And revealing... is that really what I did?!)


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Goodbyes are always tough. It's good to see such awesome growth in faith for Narinari. I have a hunch that others consider you their mother in the faith too. I predict a higher frequency of trips to Hakodate for you.

Jacob W.

Laurie Elliot said...

Goodbyes ARE tough! I miss you and Autumn, too. I'm glad Hakodate is a little closer!