Sunday, March 04, 2007

The 2nd Sunday of Lent

Today was the 2nd Sunday of Lent and so we lit (instead of extinguishing) 2 candles. Even though I explained to my family that traditionally the candles work backwards and should be extinguished week by week, they maintain that our own tradition is better. So we continue to light...

Our lenten candles in the lily stand that John made.

John preaching despite his voice problems.

My husband spoke from John 15 - he's doing the "I ams" in chronological order after all.

Good-bye - and Happy Birthday! - Matthew

(Dijur, Masa, me, Mary, Rieko, Angela, Matthew)

Not many folk were able to stay for the fellowship hour this week. But those of us who stayed enjoyed the rich chocolate cake that Dijur had made when he found out that Matthew was flying on his birthday. (He leaves Aji tomorrow and flies out of Japan on Wednesday.)

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