Sunday, April 01, 2007

God's Happy Surprises

Yesterday Ajigasawa Sunday School FINALLY went on our long planned trip to Hakodate for 教会巡り. In other words, we went to Moto Machi and visited the churches that everyone visits. The original plan included staying over night at Mary's place - since we first planned this when she was still in University - and going up to Nanae to take in the Youth Night.

In front of the Catholic Church

In the end, however, we only did a day trip (7 am to 9:30 pm), took in just 4 churches and only sang in one of the churches - Mary's church, which is, incidentally, the 3rd oldest in Japan. When we did the trip to Hirosaki we sang in EVERY church.

Lunch at Morie - our top favorite (Russian) Tea Shop

Naturally, we had lunch at Morie where the Elliots have spent so many memorable occasions - making decisions and celebrating. (The proprietor's wife gave Mary and me each a bear hug when we went in - she remembered us!) We ate piroshiki and drank Russian tea. And then God gave me a special treat!

Johnny's 2 friends, Johnny, me, Hironari, Dijir, Ayaka

Shion, Mary, Rieko, Junko

In walked a young man just like Johnny Fong who stayed with us in the summer of 2004. In fact, it WAS Johnny Fong - come to see the famous Foreigner's Cemetary with two of his colleagues. It was a special moment for me... one of God's happy surprises.

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