Thursday, May 03, 2007

No Cherry Blossoms for John

Its seems like so many years the weather turns cold and rainy as soon as the cherry blossoms bloom. But this year Golden Week (April 29 - May 5) has been truly golden with the weather warm and sunny much of the time.

Of course, the season hasn't exactly been golden for my husband... The Dr. scheduled John's operation for Golden Week.

John after his operation

Mary and I went to view the cherry blossoms in Hirosaki on Monday and we're going to view them again in Kanagi on Saturday. But my husband says he's staying home so he won't be tempted... He's not supposed to talk for a week.

One of his sisters said, "John - going a whole week without speaking?!!!!!!"

Another one said, "How on earth is he going to that? Tell him it's good that it's him & not me because I'd NEVER be able to that. Be lucky if I could manage it for a day!!!"

How indeed?! That's why he's planned a brief hermitage in Hokkaido.

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Elin said...

You write very well.