Monday, July 02, 2007

Generation to Generation

So much has happened to the Elliots in the last two weeks; and all this time I have been thinking about how the faith is passed down - or not passed down - from generation to generation.

It's is a subject that has troubled me ever since I was a teenager looking around me at church... And there was certainly much food for thought at the OMF Field Conference, the party for University students at our English Fellowship Meeting last Sunday night, and at the wedding on Monday.

Philip Foxwell family - an accidental photo -

someone else lined them up and I snapped!

I was troubled last week, but not all my thoughts were dark.

Phil and Anda Foxwell (the bride's uncle and aunt) have certainly passed on a lot of common sense and a good work ethic to their children - I love boys who can work this hard! - and their oldest daughter will join the staff at Christian Academy of Japan this fall as a third generation missionary.

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