Monday, July 02, 2007

A Few Candid Photos

I followed Mary down to Takayama (by bus) on Monday morning for a wedding on Monday afternoon. It was a LOVELY wedding... apparently much too lovely to waste any time taking photos. This is the only photo we took of the bride and groom and we took it at the reception. (We took NO PHOTOS of the wedding itself.)

Mr. & Mrs Ryan Potter

Of course, the groom (a friend of our family) is almost entirely obscured by his new sister-in-law and child. At least I think its his sister-in-law... His wife is a member of a three generation missionary family - and I think nearly ALL members of her clan came to the wedding!

Candice and Keira Potter

It was much easier snapping this photo of the groom's neice! Somehow our reticence at snapping candid photos fades when the subject is a child.

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