Monday, July 02, 2007

旅立ち - Mary's Solo Drive

There's nothing like an eleven hour solo drive to give a person confidence!

Go, Mary! Go!

Mary drove down to Takayama (near Sendai) by herself last Saturday and now she's really driving - HURRAY!

Mary Setting Out for Takayama in her Father's Little Truck


David said...

11 hrs in a kei-truck!? Mary deserves an award, I think (^_^)

Laurie Elliot said...

Mary says it took her more like 13 hours - 11 hours is how long it takes her father - and she'd be glad for you to send her a medal!

Sawa said...

Ne, mari-chan
Your going to drive your kawaii imouto down to TAK this summer right? I`m CHOOOOO tanoshimi ni matteru karane!!! Hohhhohho