Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Birthday by Stages - KGK Camp

I was away for my birthday this year. Theoretically, I try to avoid getting involved in the KGK Summer Camp for university students so as not to interupt my husband's vacation. This is very theoretical because in the 5 years that I have been involved with KGK this was at least my third summer at camp!

It was Hirosaki University's turn to host the camp so I felt I couldn't refuse this year. I headed up to Aomori (from Takayama near Sendai) on the 20th. The camp was August 21 - 24 and the 22nd was my birthday.

Me with Shino - I was chief cook

Philip, Andrea, and Michiko - my kitchen staff

Birthday present from Andrea

Translation: Happy Birthday, Laurie!

Birthday present from the students

The weather cooled off (a little) and I didn't have to cook much on my birthday because they ordered in Obento at noon and some of the Aomori churches hosted a barbecue in the evening. (My birthday present from God.)

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