Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Birthday Traditions

Blessed with 4 creative daughters (and a son) I have had many interesting birthday parties over the years but a few years ago Mary and Sarah (# 3 and 4) decided to institute a new tradition by taking me out for Kaiten Zushi at Korona World.

So they were anxiously awaiting my return from camp - esp. Sarah, who hadn't had kaiten zushi since my birthday last year. (Although, come to think of it, Sarah works in a sushi shop! Tokyo Zone in Brandon, MB.)

I had just time to shower, change and crash briefly before heading out for our now traditional sushi!

Mary, Laurie, John & Sarah

Sarah had made me a Rhubarb Chiffon Cake

Mary, Wendy, Sarah, Laurie & Philip

After eating our full and examining all the movie posters upstairs we drifted on home to the cabin for cake, and presents. My friend Wendy dropped by for just a few minutes as we were lighting the candles.

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