Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More tradtions - birthday with friends

My friend Wendy always joins us for the cake and presents. But she had company on Saturday so, although she did drop by just as we were serving up the cake, we saved the ice cream floats (another birthday traditions) for Monday when she and her daughter Hana could stay and chat.

Root Beer Floats (and Wendy's Apricot Cake)

Earlier this year we celebrated Mary's birthday with Wendy, too. Mary and I had left my husband and Philip, the short term worker, home in Aomori while we attended a wedding down at Takayama. Without John and Philip, and coming so soon after the wedding, Mary's birthday was rather a non-affair but the next day Wendy took us to a quaint little cafe down at the harbor for a cake set.

Friends together

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