Wednesday, December 05, 2007

English Fellowship - Hirosaki Church

Last night Andrea sent me some really good photos she took at the English Fellowship last Sunday night...

So what is the English Fellowship?

Its a Sunday night (church) service for English speakers in Hirosaki followed by supper together. We meet every Sunday night at 5:30 pm and folks usually drift away home somewhere between 8 and 9 pm.

Ciwa (France), Andrea (Brazil) and Kris (USA)

We're quite an international group. Besides English teachers, there are a lot of international students. Hirosaki Fukuin Church (寒沢町19-2), where we meet, is situated just below Hirosaki University - go over the tracks and down the hill.

The sad part for me is that just when I'm getting really attached to people they move on! But that means there are people I love all over the world - I'll always have a place to stay anywhere I go!

Ayaka (born in Ajigasawa) and Mary (born in Aomori)
Not everyone is from overseas. And sometimes people come back - Mary for instance. She came back from Hakodate after she graduated from University.

John Elliot (Fellowship Pastor) and G (our latest house guest)

3 weeks out of 4 my husband speaks. I'm naturally biased (!) but I love his sermons. When he's away other people speak - sometimes the short term missionaries that stay with us, sometimes members of the fellowship. That's usually interesting, too.

Akemi and Andrea playing with Emi
(Emi's father, Pastor Ogawa of Hirosaki Church)
The (5) Ogawa children join us for supper and stick around for the fellowship time - as you can see Emi's very popular!
Please join us!

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