Saturday, December 01, 2007

Annual Thanksgiving Potluck in Ajigasawa

Fall harvest... American Thanksgiving and Japanese Labour Thanksgiving Day ... Turkey and pie... Japanese Potluck... Bible, message and song... That's the way we describe our annual Ajigasawa Church Thanksgiving Potluck on November 23.

Last year Pastor Igarashi fixed our biggest (old) pump organ - we have 3 - and did a Bach Concert for us while our turkey settled making room for pie. This year Pastor Mizutani from the pro-life group "Chiisa na Inochi o Mamoru Kai" spoke to us. (Don't bother looking at this last link if you can't read Japanese!)

My husband introducing our speaker.

Afterwards I heard one of the English teachers exclaiming about how clearly he spoke - "I actually understood almost everything he said - he was so straightforward."

The food was delicious

The fellowship was fun

(Hirosaki English Fellowship Members mixed withAji Chapel Members)

Church members mixed with long absent friends

Foreign students mixed with English teachers

Luke brought his family down from the Shimokita

Daughter Yuko with two of my student friends

I don't know what I would have done without Yuko's help! She's a treasure. So is Andrea. (Center)

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